Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hair of the Dog E.P - Hypocrite I Hate You

New Healthy Junkies E.P coming out at BBA Taking Control Festival in Ireland with four new tracks including a live one from the Unicorn, hear it and see it there :

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Healthy Junkies - Holland and German Tour - 2014

Had an exquisite tour and experienced everything you want from a tour; met some very interesting and different people, played to a lot of various crowds and got to visit Germany and Holland. Hope to be back sometimes. Bla Bla Bla
Visuals sometimes speak better than words... (just click on the pics that are pieced together in panorama to have a wider image)
CASTRICUM - 13/02/2014
DEN HELDER - 14/02/2014
What I did on Saint Valentine this year... romantic and cheesy.
A detour through the coffee shop of course :
APELDOORN - 15/02/2014
BAMBERG - 17/02/2014
COLOGNE - 18/02/2014
TUBIGEN - 19/02/2014
The least blur picture I could find of this 40 years old squat where we stayed the night and were supposed to play but our gig got moved to a party in another squat and it turned out to be the best gig of our tour, Tubigen we will be back. :)
MUNICH - 20/02/2014
BERLIN - 21/02/2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 etc...

Long absence on these pages...
A big thank you to everyone who supported Healthy Junkies in 2013, we're back for at least one more year of residency at The Unicorn starting on the 8th of February but don't miss us at The Jubilee Club, Barfly Camden on the 10th of January and at Cargo on the 29th of January, sharing the bill with Deadcuts and Johnny Cola and the A-Grades, not to be missed...
A little summary on what I forgot to write about or brag about during the last four months of the past year already gone too quickly...
Did a spread out tour in November all up to the end of December in fact, that was fun :
Then Vera and I had a "Boudoir Session" when it started to be very cold in London, so we had an afternoon in doors photoshoot with Brigitte and that's what it roughly looked like, courtesy of Brigeoo :
then we had our album launch which was lots of fun too followed by two Christmas gigs and we ended the year with a gig just down the road from us at the Boston Arms with Vice Squad and The Lurkers, excellent way to kiss 2013 goodbye...
You can check out our latest cover by Nancy Sinatra that we performed on New Year's Eve :
Our latest review for our second album "The Lost Refuge" in Vive Le Rock :
and a few more things to come in February... To be continued as usual ! Happy Fucking New Year !

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top Ten of the Female Fronted Underground Bands 2013

I never usually do this but I thought I'd give it a go this year, a top ten of the female fronted bands of the underground scene who have marked 2013 in my humble opinion of course... I'm not very good at choosing an order for all those bands so even though it's a top ten I'll put the band in no particular order. Check them out :
BARB WIRE DOLLS Barb Wire Dolls have made punk rock a threat again with their version of stripped down three-chord mayhem that has brought rock and roll back to its’ raw roots of dangerous, exciting and liberating music.
I've seen them live three times now and each time was just amazingly inspiring bringing back faith into the underground scene.
PUSSYCAT AND THE DIRTY JOHNSONS The formidable Pussycat is renowned for prowling the stage whilst the adrenaline fuelled Dirty Johnson boys pound out their infectious blend of Dirty Rock'N'Roll: Punk rock with a psychobilly edge. Like all cats they are hard to pin down and have been described as one of the most incendiary bands in the UK.
I've seen them live on about six occasions and it gets more exiting each time giving you shivers at every performance, one of the best bands live out there.
DRAGSTER dragSTER are a five piece punk rock n roll band who formed in the ghost town of Coventry in 2006. The band have a love of dirty, fast and energetic music, 50's iconography, sci-fi and B movie horror.
Can't remember how many times I have seen them live which is always a good sign, someone said about them they are like Motorhead on speed, add a bit of acid and cocaine in the mix plus some driving vocals from Fi who takes you on an accelerated sonic journey which will leave you with enough adrenaline in you for the rest of your life.
THE DOGBONES The Dogbones are a primal, sneering, garage punk animal chewing on a candy cane bone of pop with enough catchy choruses to choke a pig.
Can't recall how many times I've seen them live either, haven't seen them with their new drummer yet though so it's a must do this year. Their art rock sound is pretty unique and gives a new leaf of life to grunge sounds, refreshing and always a lot of fun live !
THE PRISCILLAS "They're The Cramps,The Shangri-Las, and the New York Dolls all rolled into one" Kerrang! "Near perfect power-pop." NME "exude B-movie glamour" VOGUE
I have seen the Priscillas quite a few times and they have a je ne sais quoi which makes me feel like I'm in New York when I hear their tunes. Their melodies will stay in your head for a long time after you've seen them live. They're catchy with attitude. Check them out !
OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE Noisy, but sometimes quiet... Angry, but sometimes vulnerable.... Music, made with guitars, drums, bass and vocals. Genres are for journalists.
Another favorite in my grungy side... Although last time I saw them in Canterbury they seemed to change direction slightly and give us more punky tunes which suited them just as well. Powerful voice of Kelly will hook you instantly.
THE SMEARS Unashamedly influenced by the heavyweights of pop, punk and grunge, the Smears have stamped a stiletto heel right through the heart of it, added louder guitars, driving bass lines, pounding drums and venomous vocals.
Another grunge classic mixed with punk and an awful lot of attitude on the mike in between songs, they'll burst your balls and you'll ask for more.
IN EVIL HOUR Hardcore-inspired. Punk rock and politics. Driven by a disdain for the apathy and ignorance that pervades modern culture.
They are raw and heavy, Alice's voice pierces right through your senses and the musical chemistry within the band is obvious which gives them a tight and powerful sound. A band to be watched this year.
THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS Stripped down low slung electro rock with soul -
I only saw them twice but I was equally impressed both times. Only the two of them and you wouldn't believe how full their sound is. Her voice just lingers in a trance inviting you to do the same... A very promising project that will go far.
TEXAS TERRI BOMB Sleazy Punk & Roll Queen of the Wild Frontier
Texas Terri knows how to put on a show, she is a true performer and she'd kick Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler's asses with her massive stage presence and she's got some balls, more than most guys.
Right it's going to be a top 11 cause I had to put Vice Squad in this list, they did a fantastic gig at the Boston Arms on New Year's Eve this year so there you go :
VICE SQUAD Bondage formed a new version of Vice Squad in 1997, along with former members of The Bombshells, after being persuaded to perform the old material at the Holidays In The Sun festival. The line-up was initially Bondage on vocals, Paul Rooney (guitar), 'Stilton' (bass), and 'Pumpy' (drums). The rhythm section was replaced by Michael Giaquinto (bass) and Tony Piper (drums) in late 1999/early 2000. This new line-up has recorded several albums and they continue to tour Europe and the United States. In 2006, they released the album Defiant, produced by guitarist Rooney.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Lost Refuge

Our second album "The Lost Refuge" is now completed and will be released on the 10th of August on STP Records at Rebellion Punk Music Festival, there will also be a launch party in London, not sure when yet. Cover artwork by John Lee Bird pics by Neil Anderson
Will write more about the track listing and maybe a few words about the songs... to be continued.

Monday, July 1, 2013

School's out !

A new album on the way and a new line up for Healthy Junkies not to forget Rebellion festival plus a gig at The Unicorn in Camden on the 13th of July, don't miss it !! And a new issue of 98 Wounds with ME ME ME ME ME In My Own Clothes :
Go to to order A4 Book, PDF download or read at ISSU